I’ll be the general

The street was full of people ‘from one corner to the other.’ There were more women and elders, while there were also children ‘young men and women’, it was on the doorsteps of different houses, on the rugs and on the sidewalks. Sitting was ‘I was surprised to see so many people’ I reached the gate passing through them and entered the house ‘There was a row of people in the yard too’ My friends were standing at the end of the row and distributing food. ۔
People used to come and hold these food packets. They used to tell the number of people in the house and they would give them packets equal to their number. ‘When I arrived, my friend cleaned his hands’. Work handed over to my children and employees and I went to the drawing room ‘I had tears in my eyes’ my friend’s eyes were wet ‘We sat in the cool drawing room’ I asked “You this Ever since “they bowed down” this is my fourth Ramadan ‘four years ago a lawyer from our street used to break the poor people’ Hundreds of people used to visit Ramadan, I used to see daily, they passed away and their family shifted to Karachi. People in need did not know. When Ramadan came, people started coming to Iftar. I opened the door to my house, the day I divided my house among the people, I started to break the next day. New cook kept ‘rations collected and started this series’ changed to iftar meal and people are growing’ forced to seek catering help The ‘We bought equipment, food packs and pots, and they began to prepare the daily distribution of food and feed people.
We found out after a few days that these people are eating fast, they got upset, so we started sehri too. We then found out that these people are not alone. These are family, women, elderly and children do not come from home. “We even allowed them to take food to the house” Eid came, so they found out they would not be able to eat on Eid day. We started distributing dry rations too. It passed Ramadan. He stored the ration before the next Ramadan and started Sahari and Iftar.
The people increased, ‘God grant us support and we continue to expand this chain’ I am no longer alone in this service ‘My whole family has joined Kairi’ My baby ‘my brother’ My sisters and my friends They are all serving ‘We also cook and distribute food’, provide dry rations and also help the families in need ‘. He became silent. I asked “What did you learn during this service? “.
She smiles and says, “I’ve been doing this service for four years, I’ve been doing this for four years”. I learned four lessons in those four years, and all four are amazing “they went silent” I asked “for example.” They said, “For example, in our country, poverty is constantly increasing. In the first year we had only the unemployed of the Kuchi population, sick and disabled people came. In the second year they had laborers ‘mechanics’ mechanics ‘checkers’ guards and sanitary workers. Increased.
They used to work till four o’clock and sat at our gate at four o’clock in the morning. We used to distribute food from five o’clock to seven o’clock. Small employees of ‘taxi driver’ rickshaw ‘small shopkeeper’ joined domestic drivers and property agents ‘We now see white callers standing in rows and all records were broken this year’ You have numerous outside my house Motorcycles and vehicles will appear.

People now come to motorcycles and cars to eat ‘The owners of motorcycles and cars were considered middle class, but when I see these people on the food line my eyes are in tears. Proving that the middle class in our country is no longer able to offer two meals a day, ‘these people also do not carry loads of Sahari and Iftar’, when I see this, my soul trembles. What will you do next year?
They will invade people’s homes and vehicles with hunger, ‘you believe our country is on the brink of anarchy’, people are suffering and this is very dangerous and alarming too. Second Lesson: In my childhood and in my youth, people died of hunger, but they did not eat with others. People used to eat Baraat even at wedding functions. They didn’t even eat
People did not even go to people’s homes during meal times, and if someone used to go, they used to call him “Chol”, “In our villages and towns only food was taken to take home the losers.” They did not go out into the street with the utensils, they used to buy milk and yogurt and hide and bring them home. People did not even bring home bargains. They also brought the goods in bags and sacks. Used to bring

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